Magic Growers closed its gates for the last time on March 10, 2023.


As horticulturists and lovers of plants we understand well, that for everything there is a season and we have enjoyed a very long and productive one!


Forty-three years ago, an avid home gardener dreamed of having a nursery of his own. That dream became Magic Growers, a unique, progressive wholesale nursery, located in a beautiful foothill canyon in Pasadena, Ca. that was dedicated to growing natures “magic”.


The dreamer recruited two nurserymen, from the renowned Burkard Nurseries, by giving them the opportunity to become partners in the business. One became the only production manager Magic ever had. The dreamer then gathered up a handful of investors, got his kids and wife to help and they went to work. His son, who was the first employee, became a partner and our only operations manager. With that core group and his goal “to enhance the enjoyment of life by beautifying the landscape” Magic Growers came to life and did just that.


Magic Growers lived the dream for over 42 years propagating, nurturing, and growing millions of unique, new, and unusual plants. Initially focused on flowering herbaceous perennials, Magic soon built a following. Over time, the plant pallet included heritage landscape roses, Mediterraneans, succulents, California natives and many other plants that were “California appropriate”. We even grew quite a few “green” roofs and walls, some being the first large scale installations in Southern California.


At one time, we were frequently referred to by many landscapers as the “oddball” growers because we choose to grow unique, unusual plants that were unfamiliar to the trade. We’re proud that we did choose a different path. Along with a handful of other progressive growers, many who started around the same time we did, helped usher in a whole new era of plant materials.


Magic wouldn’t have lasted so long without all the terrific people that have been part of our staff team throughout the years. So many wonderful staff but, our unwavering Dutch sales rep and our very amiable inside salesman, who each worked 34 years with us, get special recognition. For most of our clients, most of our years, those two guys were Magic Growers. To them and all the other staff (many with decades long tenures), who did the hard work, day in and day out, you made it possible to produce and distribute such high quality and appreciated plants. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you!


One of the best parts of this industry has always been the wonderful, kind, and friendly people in it….


Magic was very fortunate to have had so many outstanding vendor partners. Several with whom we have enjoyed relationships with from the start or for many, many years. Thank you to all of you, we are grateful for your knowledge, products, and assistance!


And then there were the hundreds of retail nurseries, landscapers, designers, architects, and institutional buyers who embraced what we did and bought our plants. Our sincere appreciation for your patronage and, the many friendships built along the way. Thank you so much for paying us to do what we enjoyed doing and for giving millions of plants good homes!


For everything there is a season, there is a time, and it is our time to bring down the curtain, to say “so long”, to find out what the next opportunities and adventures will be. This is the end of one special dream but, who knows, maybe it’s also the beginning of someone else’s…… guess we’ll have to wait and see.


It’s been our privilege and pleasure to work with, grow, serve, provide, and bring a bit of “magic” to all of you for nearly 43 years!


And finally, the most important thank you of all, here’s to Bert, the dreamer, who made all of the magic possible!