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New plants keep popping up in our inventory throughout the year. Some are brand new introductions and others are new to us. Old favorites that have been discontinued reappear from time to time as they acquire new patrons. Check this page frequently as it changes often. We are always interested in what plants you would like to see available from Magic Growers. Some of our best finds come from customers. Feel free to let us know when an interesting plant comes to mind. Here are some of the latest additions to our plant lineup.
Here are some recent additions:  

Graptopetalum paraguayense
Ghost Plant

The Ghost Plant gets its name from the pale grey-blue-green succulent foliage with varying degrees of rose color. The leaves form dense rosettes that mound  along the ground on spreading stems.  In spring clusters of white flowers with red spots are produced on short stems.
Use this plant in pots or rock and succulent gardens as well as in mixed border plantings.

Vitex trifolia 'Purpurea'
Purple Lilac

Purple Lilac Vitex is a striking accent plant. Its leaves are lilac-purple and gray on the top sides, red-purple below. Summer flower spikes in lavender-blue are borne in profusion. This easy to grow shrub holds its foliage in mild areas and can be used in borders, large pots or as a hedge. Trim for size and shape in the spring and after bloom in fall.
Salvia apiana
White Sage

The White Sage is a noticeable contrast plant for the low water garden. This Southern California native features bold light gray foliage on mounds to 3’. Late spring and summer produce tall stems with white flowers. Grow these plants with little or no irrigation. Cut back plants hard in winter to refresh and renew.
Euphorbia 'Apple Martini'
Apple Martini Spurge

Apple Martini is a Magic Growers introduction that features a compact growth habit. The late winter and spring flower bracts are yellow-green with a red eye and bloom in tight clusters that form a dense dome over the steel gray foliage. The plant is attractive all year. Apple Martini makes a great plant in larger pots. Use in borders or on hillsides. This plant will take moderate shade but will be less compact. Avoid milky sap and eye contact.


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